Get to Know Subscription Billing

Get to Know Subscription Billing

We at BluSynergy would like to introduce you to subscription billing. We understand there might be some confusion as to how companies like yours would make use of a cloud billing platform.

Over the next few months we will be providing specific case examples to help you better understand how our platform works directly with your system. Today we will cover SaaS (cloud) billing as a general term to help you get a sense for what BluSynergy offers.

Maximum Revenue Capture:One of the most basic principals in business is the need to get paid for the products and services you provide. The problem is that where once you sold a product for a specified amount, today many business charge based on usage. Think about how your hosting company charges you based on your bandwidth and hits you for overages; or how Verizon or AT&T track you minutes and texts and charge you extra when you go over your plan; or even how your lawn service charges you based on how many extra services they had to do because you left a dead tree in the middle of the yard (true story).

BluSynergy provides billing in a format that encourages maximum revenue capture. Sure, you can always manually run a credit card for the amount owed. And you can support your orders with invoices, paper bills, customer service and collection efforts. Why waste your time using billing practices that are not only old, but are shown to be limited and costly?

Smart Billing = Less Work, More Money:What if your billing system knew how much to bill your clients, even if that amount changes each month?

How about if you could offer a few different plans to be able to cater to different customer segments (eg: monthly post-paid plan with setup fee, discounted annual pre-paid plan without setup but with termination fee)?

What if all of the following were true for your business

  • Your clients can log into your private billing center and check their bills and make payments, freeing you from routine servicing.
  • The system automatically reminds your overdue customers and brings down your days-outstanding.
  • BluBilling tracks your orders, and reminds you and your customers before they expired. Or better still, automatically renews it if your customer had agreed.
  • Instead of manually billing each customer and hoping they pay, you simply collect their money each month on time and on schedule, with automatic payment confirmation sent both to you and your customers.

Predictable Billing = Predictable Cash Flow
: Cash flow is critical to any type of business. Predictability of revenue is not some mythical prize you’ve read about but you know is unobtainable. Using BluSynergy’s BluBilling service you not only establish predictable, reliable revenue returns, you create a scalable cost savings program that frees that revenue for the growth of your business.

If you have questions about how all this fits into your unique billing system, please give us a call. Our system is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your needs and requirements.