CASE STUDY: Self-Service

The Challenges

  • Easier Enrollment making it easy for their prospects to signup and select their desired options without their staff having to manually re-enter order and billing information
  • Recurring Billing processing recurring billing and payments was a redundant, time consuming task each month which they wanted to automate and improve their ability to scale as their sales volume grew
  • Increase Revenue selling additional services and features were viable strategies for revenue enhancement, but keeping up with the manual billing was a tedious process
  • Reduce Service Costs routine billing and payment related customer questions, inquiries, and notifications were tying up staffs valuable time

The Solution

  • Using the product catalog made it easy to implement different pricing models, add-on features, annual and monthly subscriptions, etc. Adding a new feature now makes it available during enrollment without IT involvement for billing and charging processes.
  • By embedding the BluSynergy self-service portal into the StarChapter website, their customers could simply click the My Account link to self-manage their customer account, billing and payment information, resulting in a dramatic reduction in billing related inbound email and call volume. Turning on branded notifications for billing and payment activity further reduced the need for customers to call in.
  • Customers reacted favorably to these capabilities as well, with high adoption of the self-service functionality to respond to expiring credit card notifications, notifications for billing and payment activity, etc. Increased customer satisfaction was an upside.
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