CASE STUDY: Migration from Legacy System

The BluSynergy solution is a great fit for SalesJunction. With BluSynergys system configuration flexibility and automated processes, we have increased subscription renewal and recurring payment efficiency. We have also improved customer satisfaction with embedded BluSynergy customer self service capabilities allowing our users to make billing updates easily and quickly. Working with the BluSynergy team has been extremely productive. The managers, customer service and technical support groups are responsive and capable, which is essential when partnering with a long-term mission critical business solution provider.

Jay Barrett, Managing Partner

The Challenges

  • Quick Signup process that initiates the order capture and billing while still retaining control over the detailed application process
  • Provide Customer Self-Service so that routine billing and payment related customer questions, inquiries, and notifications do not incur CSR support costs
  • Transitioning from Existing Accounting Systems would require data migration and phased transitioning that required outside expertise
  • Automating Reminders, Payment Retries and Suspension of Delinquent Accounts would be critical to maintaining their growth rate
  • Flexibility for Manual Overrides be it customer specific pricing, discounts, refunds or credits would be a necessity in their line of business


  • BluSynergy staff analyzed SalesJunctions existing billing and payment models, and quickly configured improved billing plans, migrated the data from legacy systems and worked with the client on a phased transition strategy.
  • The ability to embed BluSynergys enrollment and self-service screens inside the SalesJunction website in a transparent manner completely eliminated the need for SalesJunction to develop this functionality. The flexibility and configurability meant zero customization was required to meet their advanced requirements.
  • Automated payment recycling for declined payments, followed by notifications that progressed from gentle reminders to account suspension notices, and a variety of other notifications such as expiring credit cards, payment receipts, PDF invoices, etc. completely automated formerly manual follow-up processes.
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