CASE STUDY: ACH Payments and Salesforce CRM

We started by using BluSynergy to streamline our internal billing processes, but once we grasped its advanced capabilities and smooth execution, we gained a distinct competitive advantage by reselling the solution for our clients payment processing.

Mridhul Prakash, VP Operations

The Challenges

  • Complex transactional billing – a highly flexible billing system that could accommodate the variety of services and contracted volume-based pricing
  • Vendor payables eliminate tedious and error prone manual processes by systematically tracking usage for subcontracted vendor services (appraisals, credit reports, job verification, etc.) and performing pass-through / mark-up billing
  • CRM integration – provide account reps with complete billing, order and payment management though the CRM system that they were familiar with
  • Large scale ACH payments implement automated consumer ACH payments to facilitate mandated loan modification programs


  • The BluSynergy implementation eliminated all manual billing processes with automation of transactional billing; vendor payables implemented using the commission/affiliate module
  • The BluSynergy connector for Salesforce was utilized to generate billing using Salesforce pricebooks, thus providing a single master source for contracted rates
  • Order management processes were greatly streamlined with all account reps having instant access via Salesforce to all historical billing data while negotiating new contracts and placing new orders
  • PrivoCorp utilized BluSynergy systems to provide rapid implementation of highly flexible loan modification programs for their clients. By leveraging BluSynergys comprehensive capabilities for payment plans, easily customized consumer reminder notices, and ACH processing, they were able to offer yet another outsourced capability for their clients
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