Billing & Payments for Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

BPO service providers need the pricing agility in order to adapt their services for varied requirements. Even for BPO providers with a single offering, each customer contract tends to have pricing variations, with bundling and consumption based pricing adding additional complexities.


BPO service providers often derive advantages from these billing and payments capabilities offered by BluSynergy:

Revenue Management

  • Implement new pricing strategies with a few mouse clicks
  • Hierarchical billing (master billing) enables multiple accounts to be rolled up into a single invoice for bill-presentment or payment
  • Contracted pricing that varies from customer to customer
  • Cost effectively customize the solution to your advanced requirements

Metered Billing

  • Transactional pricing for your services, with advanced options like tiered pricing, overages, minimums, ceilings, etc
  • Export high volume data feeds from your systems, we transform / aggregate / rate the raw data into billing metrics with rich audit capabilities

Global Reach

  • Multi currency capability along with integration with a variety of payment gateways/processors extends your reach globally
  • Multi-lingual messaging for customer affinity