billing and payments for software as a service

Software As A Service

In the era of cloud computing, software is increasingly merchandised in a leased or utility model. Traditional IT product vendors as well as pure-play software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors are looking at optimizing recurring revenue streams with customer-friendly pricing models that are innovative and adaptive.


Business-to-business (B2B) vendor requirements tend to be more sophisticated on the billing side, while the consumer oriented (B2C) industries usually have more complex requirements around payments and customer messaging.


We find that billers in the IT and SaaS segment derive advantages from these billing and payments capabilities:

Revenue Management

  • Implement new pricing strategies with a few mouse clicks
  • Increase customer acquisition with online self-signup
  • Offer plan upgrades, add-ons, and bundling
  • Affordably customize to your advanced requirements

Customer Retention

  • Intelligent, branded customer messaging for a variety of conditions
  • Auto-updater to get replacement credit cards for expired and cancelled cards
  • Customer self-service portal embedded into your website
  • Free trail periods, and promotional offers


  • Custom distributed agents to collect raw usage data for metered billing (e.g. bill for peak number of active users)
  • Full-featured, modern REST API makes integration a snap
  • Outbound event notifications (push notifications) to enable your systems to automatically react to billing events (e.g. de-provision user for 30 days overdue)
  • Import/export to ERP / accounting systems
  • Widgets for self-service that can be embedded (via iframes) into your website

Global Reach

  • Multi currency capability along with integration with a variety of payment gateways/processors extends your reach globally
  • Multi-lingual messaging for customer affinity

B2B Specialties

  • Hierarchical billing (master billing) enables multiple accounts to be rolled up into a single invoice for bill-presentment or payment
  • Support a mix of traditional invoicing, paper checks and ACH along with credit cards
  • Contracted pricing that varies from customer to customer


  • Intelligent payment recycling strategies for managing declined payments
  • Accelerate Single-sign-on (SSO) using 3rd party OAuth providers (e.g., sign in with Google or Facebook logins)