BluSynergy Commission Management

For organizations that need to track commissions, royalties and similar payables based on orders or invoices, BluSynergy’s systems can handle the capture, accrual, and (optionally) the disbursement of these payables.

commission management

Use cases for BluSynergy’s commission management system:


  • Commissioned sales staff that needs to be compensated based on their commission plan.
  • Affiliates that drive revenue via the Internet
  • ISO (independent Sales Organizations) in the payment industry that are commissioned for add-on products that cannot be handled by their traditional payment processor.
  • Resellers and VARS (value added resellers)

Flexible Commission Definition


BluSynergy has the flexibility to calculate the commission based on either the product or the sales agent. For example, organizations selling a mix of low and high margin products may have commissions defined for individual products or product families. Organizations dealing with contracted pricing may define different commissions for individual sales agents. For the case of multiple sales agents having referral arrangements, it is possible to define a hierarchy of commissions.

Flexible Commissions
recurring commissions

Recurring Commissions


In the case of subscription or recurring orders, the ability to define and track commissions over an ongoing revenue stream is our specialty. A typical example is a percentage commission that progressively decreases over time.

Triggering of Commissions


While the typical model triggers commissions as accrued when payments have been received, it is also possible to accrue the commission when the order is booked.

triggering of commissions
clearing house

Clearing House


BluSynergy specializes in being able to track, accrue and aggregate the commission’s payable.


This facilitates the generation of periodic statements. In addition, other custom parameters such as retention or account balance minimums may be imposed for risk management purposes (especially relevant for affiliate models).

Treasury and Payables


For organizations looking to outsource the banking functions associated with handling payables, BluSynergy can manage this function. This is especially relevant when BluSynergy is performing the disbursement of payables via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Payment models supported include ACH, Check and payments via credit cards (for B2B vendors.)

treasury & payables