About BluSynergy

About Subscription Billing & Electronic Bill Pay Systems from BluSynergy

BluSynergy provides subscription billing and electronic bill pay systems that streamline complex billing and payment processes. Our product suite encompasses recurring billing, customer self-service portals, and commission management to simplify and automate order-to-cash processes for our clients with comprehensive integration into leading CRM platforms including Salesforce and Oracle Sales Cloud and accounting/ERP systems like NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, or QuickBooks.


With innovative products like social media referrals for consumer-oriented cloud enterprises and commission management for SaaS companies, the BluSynergy solution offers a unique blend of technical expertise, deep domain knowledge and custom services.


BluSynergy was founded in 2008 as companies were just beginning to identify the need for more sophisticated software to meet their day-to-day business needs. Long development cycles and lack of internal expertise made the prospect of developing these platforms internally a challenge.

Why use internal resources to build software for non-competitive business processes when There’s a sophisticated solutions available to meet every possible need?

Why BluSynergy?

The BluSynergy team, with their years of experience building custom payment and billing systems, set out to build a best-in-class platform that could help businesses

  • Put more profit in their bottom line,
  • Better serve their clients, and
  • Empower their customer service and sales teams.

Over the years they have built a cloud-based system that automates the complexities of billing and payments, allowing their customers to launch and monetize even the most complex pricing models very quickly. Theyve also remained focused on reacting to changes in technology, in business, and in finance, which has lead to constant expansion of their product capabilities, including extensive recurring billing capabilities, commission management, and seamless integration with leading CRM and accounting platforms.


Since the companys founding in 2008, BluSynergy clients have played a large part in building their product roadmap. Distinguished by their focus on providing painless customization and seamless integration, they deliver enterprise capability without the sticker shock. BluSynergys products and services empower its clients with enhanced revenues, improved cash flows, and reduced support overhead.