subscription billing for salesforce

Extend Billing Functions to Salesforce

payment plan options

Create and manage subscription orders


Specialized order management including upgrades or downgrades, dynamic pricing, and contract entitlements

View and download invoices and payment history


Create invoices and accept payments

Get Up Close & Personal

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automate cash flow

Automate Cash Flow

  • Accept payments securely via credit card or eCheck (ACH)
  • Manage and update credit card or eCheck information for automatic payments
  • Automate recurring payments
  • Installment payoffs tailored to each customer

Enable customers to view and pay their bills with either the Salesforce Service Cloud
or the BluSynergy self-service portal embedded inside your own website.

Streamline Business Processes

  • Bidirectional integration with leading ERP and accounting software like Netsuite, Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics, Oracle financials, and Quickbooks
  • Full control over the capability exposed ranging from readonly views to comprehensive order, billing and payment functionality
  • Commission management based on recurring revenue for sales staff and/or affiliates
  • Integration with Salesforce native entities like Contracts and Assets

Customized Billing

At BluSynergy, we understand that you need to adapt the billing system to meet your requirements. Unlike other software-as-a-service providers that leave you to fend for yourself, we pride ourselves on our ability to extend and customize the software for each client’s needs.

  • Branding and integration with your website

  • Invoice templates and forms

  • Notifications sent to customers. Customize the trigger criteria, the email template, and the notification mechanism

  • Complex promotions

  • Payment processor and other payment types such as PayPal, etc.

  • Recycling / retrying failed payments, especially for consumer credit cards and ACH

  • Pricing rules

  • Reports – design your reports with the fields and totals that you care about

  • Order processing business rules

  • Interest, late fees, penalties

  • Customer status change definitions as part of the aging process

  • Item pricing and automatically including and/or excluding other items

  • Mediation and rating of source data

customized billing